Iron Cross First Class, Maker #15, Otto Schickle

Luftwaffe M-40 Combat Helmet. Uncommon with Tri Color Shield

Luftwaffe Officers Summer Tunic Breast Eagle. F.W. Assmann & Son

Authentic German Third Reich

Military Relics

From the private collection of Jeff Jones  

Panzer Assault Badge, Silver Grade. Very Scarce Juncker J-1 Type, Struck in Nickel Silver

Iron Cross Second Class

Order of the German Eagle, Second Class, Maker #21, Gebruder Godet, Charlottenstrasse. Marked 900 (Silver Content)

Luftwaffe Flak Badge. Gustav Brehmer

War Merit Cross Second Class, With Swords, Maker #10, Forster & Barth, Pforzheim.

German Army Belt Buckle, 1940.

Unpublished Private Photo of Adolph Hitler

War Merit Cross Second Class, Without Swords.

Edelweiss Hat Badge for Mountain Troops, Gustav Brehmer, 1944 

Black Grade Wound Badge.

Spang for Iron Cross First Class. Otto Schickle. 

Silver Grade Wound Badge, Maker #107, Carl Wild.

Spang with WW 1 Ribbon for Iron Cross Second Class 

War Merit Cross First Class Without Swords, Maker #15, Otto Schickle.

Pilot Badge, F.W. Assmann & Son

German Army Officers Summer Tunic Breast Eagle

War Merit Cross, Non Combatant Award.

General Assault Badge

War Merit Cross First Class, With Swords.

Infantry Assault Badge, Silver Grade, Friedrich Orth.

Observer Badge, F.W.  Assmann & Son

The above six photo's represent the center piece to this collection, An early war combined Pilot and Observer badge, C.E.Juncker,Berlin

Radio Operator / Air Gunner Badge. C.E.Juncker, Berlin. 

Eastern Front Combat Medal

1937 K-98 Rifle and Bayonet, S-147 maker (Sauer) 

Panzer Assault Badge, Bronze Grade. Adolf Scholze

German Army Dress Dagger with DRGM marked Hanggers, C. Gustav Spitzer, Solingen.