Close up of Adolph Hitler's Flugzeug


This is a nice example of German military patriotism.  

Third Reich Post Cards.

These close ups show excellent art work and the Berlin cancellation of December 1st, 1941.

Post cards depicting Adolph Hitler were very popular. This specimen shows him during the annexation ceremony of Austria.

The sender of this post card write's to his friend explaining "Today I saw the Fuhrer, Adolph Hitler". His loyalty to the Reich shows as he ends his note with "Heil Hitler". 

Authentic German Third Reich

Military Relics

From the private collection of Jeff Jones  

Adolph Hitler took advantage of air flight to traverse Germany and other European countries. He was the first Government leader in the world to have an aircraft dedicated to his services. This post card shows Hitler's personal aircraft D-2600. 


The Cancelation mark is unique as it shows an image of Hitler's birth place in Austria, "Braunau"

Close up of the Authors note.

ME-109 Fighter Bomber


Another Adolph Hitler post card from the annexation of Austria.

Close up of the cancelation. Proceeds from the purchase of this post card went to the NSDAP. Thousands of Germans collected these cards as memorabilia. 

This post card shows a mobile Artillery piece and the gun crew.   

  Third Reich Germany produced thousands of post cards from 1933 t0 1945. Specimens in my collection focus on military and the NSDAP. Many post cards were created to help fund the war or the NSDAP, and often have special cancellation marks. These were intended to be collected, and usually did not circulate in the German postal system. This collection is limited to a few examples I obtained from Austria.          

More AH post cards from the annexation of Austria.