Knights of the Ku Klux Klan

Georgia Knight Riders

                 Wir sind jetzt die Ritter des Eisernen Kreuz.

"Durch unsere Blutschwur Wir sind Kameraden, und gemeinsam Kampfen Wir unsere Feinde"

Don`t believe what the Jew media and Jew Hollywood teaches, please take some time to watch numerous educational videos throughout this site.


" The Georgia Knight Riders, Knights of the Ku Klux Klan are committed to exposing the truth about the International Zionist Jew, and will by all means, legally work to disrupt their devious plot of World conquest."

              "A Nation that does not maintain the purity of its race will perish."

                            Julius Streicher, 1934 NSDAP Nuremburg rally

We weren't impressed with this skewed and bias release, but it is unquestionably a historic document in which we played an important roll.

                                          This site is for educational purposes only

The Georgia Knight Riders no longer host or attend public rallies, and are no longer an active Klan.

We were unexpectedly approached by National Geographic at a public rally that we attended with the Southern Alliance of Klan's in Selmer TN, and as a result, footage shot by Nat Geo was included in their production titled "Inside the KKK".    

Historically, the Georgia Knight Riders are known for the many public rallies that we hosted or attended. Many of these events were successful in sending our message and recruiting. Searching the internet will produce many photos and live footage of these events as seen by the spectators.