Since the Georgia Knight Riders have officially disbanded, I’ve decided to rebuild this site focused on my personal collection of German Third Reich Military artifacts. By no means is this a complete collection in any category, but I do have a few stunning pieces, (at least in my opinion), that I’d like to share with those who are interested.

  I credit my Father for getting me interested in collecting these artifacts, as he gave me two German helmets when I was 10 years old. Since then, my collection has grown considerably, as well as my knowledge. Discerning what may be an authentic piece, or a convincing fake, has taken me down an unexpected path in seeking the wisdom one needs to arm himself with before purchasing any Third Reich artifact.

  I won’t bore you with the trials and tribulations in my quest for knowledge, but I intend to give you clear photographic images of each of my pieces in order to help you recognize known details on authentic items.

  Although no expert, I specialize in Third Reich Military badges, and believe me, that was a rough road to travel.  Worthy of mention is the cost of some of these badges, which make them worth their weight in gold, and often more.

  There is an excellent reference book published in 2008 titled “Combat Badges of the Third Reich” Volume 2, Luftwaffe.  If there was any one book that would help you learn important details, this is the one. I recommend it highly.

  I’ll be constantly adding to this site, so please check back for new additions.


  This web site is dedicated in the memory of my parents, Jack and Winnie      


Authentic German Third Reich

Military Relics

From the private collection of Jeff Jones  

Last updated; 04/20/2018.

    A scarce, early war, Silver Grade Panzer Badge, struck in Nickel Silver by C.E.Juncker. This is the earliest produced Juncker variant. This badge shows incredibly crisp details. It measures 42.19mm x 59.96mm, weighs 19.6 grams. Unmarked, but with typical features and die flaws (on track chain and a dent on right head light.) In slightly worn condition. (For nearly identical badge see P. De Bock, Panzer Assault Badge, p. 38-45). Certainly one of the most desirable panzer badges, in excellent condition and very scarce.